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**** Please Note: Pilot / Escort Service Rates Have Gone Up Jan 1st 2020 For California Bound Loads.  This Is Due To The Rising Cost Of Operating In California.  The Old California Surcharge is No Longer Used. We Apologize For The Inconvenience. ****

Late September 2014- Super Load Move From St. George UT to Coffeeville, KS.  20' Hi, 25' Wide, 247' Long, & 489,000 Lbs.  4 Hi Poles, 2 Chases, Various Support, Traffic, & Police Vehicles.

Welcome to our new 2019 website, please feel free to take a look around.

(775) 842-2633
Phone Hours Are 7 am to 7 pm Everyday.
We Do Run 24/7 Where Allowed !

" We may not be the cheapest, but we strive to be the best in the industry"

Short Bio & Company Mission 

I started this pilot car company back on 2007, to be among the best in the industry, and thus far have done so.  We have so many issues with different states rules and regulations that we all have to stay on top of.  That is why we are here to help you get your load from point A to point B, with the up most professional service we can.  

There are so many "fly-by-night" pilot cars out there, so we can tell and assure you we are not one of those, we do things correctly.  We will not be the cheapest pilot car you can find, but in this industry "you get what you pay for".  

I would like to think we here at DTS are among the best.  Thank you for visiting our website, and if we can be of some assistance with your move, please give us a call at the above number or feel free to email us anytime. 

---- Walt Day Owner -1/30/17.  

For further questions or how we charge for services, please take a look at the terms & conditions page to your right >>> 

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Pilot / Escort Car Services We Offer Are: 

* Lead & Chase Pilot / Escorts *

* Specialized Height Pole Pilot / Escorts *

* Comprehensive Route Surveys * 

* Specialized Height Pole Route Surveys *

* Super Load Support / Traffic Pilots / Escorts *

 * Surveillance Vehicles *

* Special Escort Vehicles

* Other Pilot / Escorts Too Just Ask Us *

  Please Remember all loads are quoted on a per load basis.

We do carry the correct commercial & general liability insurances for the industry we serve.

We also have a great list of good qualified sub- contractors for those multiple and large moves. 

We do ask all new and non-account customers to pay our bill at the time of service.  Please have a way to pay for services when calling us.

 This does not apply to past customers and account customers that have an account set up with us.  Please also remember that billing accounts are a privilege, not a right. 

Please keep in mind local is hourly, long distance is mileage !

Most loads exceeding 15' wide, 15' tall, 100' long, or 100, 000 lbs in California or in mountainous terrain maybe be hourly or daily rate only !!

Also loads going to or from the bay area, Sacramento, or going over Donner Summit could be hourly or daily only !!! 

We accept company checks, pay pal, cash, & trucking industry checks at the time of service.  If you would like some other billing options, please contact Walt @ the main number.  The the trucking industry checks we have are; Com, EFS, Fleet One, T-Chek, & TCH Checks.  We also accept Pay Pal.

We are accepting credit cards with up to 4% additional convenience fee. 

Call us for a quote today @ (775) 842-2633  7am to 7pm pacific or you can email us 24/7.  Our pilot car email is [email protected]

22 High, 25' Wide Vessel, Fernley, NV To Turlock, CA 2nd of 2 loads, July 2015.

Our Company Mission & Qualifications

We specialize in escorting all oversize loads the correct way, and with everyone's safety as our #1 priority.  We are legal in all the lower 48 states with the legal equipment, signs and lighting . Our pilot vehicles either meet, beat or exceed the vehicle size requirements for all states, and also carry all of the proper safety equipment as required by so many states.  As a professional pilot car service we also carry some extra equipment just in case you need it !  Please note we do not operate our pilot services in Canada or Mexico.

We offer professional services at fair and competitive rates.   We specialize in California's complicated oversize load movement process, planning and routing. We will do our best to get you there safely, & on time with the up most professional service.

We Have CDL Drivers With Current Medical Cards !  

Current Utah & Washington Escort Operator Certifications !

Nevada & Georgia Light Permits !

Kansas Super-Load Permit (no longer required)!

Utah & New Mexico Vehicle Inspections !

Traffic Control Contractor In California & Nevada !

ATTSA Certified Supervisor, & Flagger's Available !

Notice To Other Pilot Companies & General Solicitors / Telemarkers

ATTN: Other Pilot / Escort Company s, & Owner's.  If  you have been in business for at least 2-3 years, and who is experienced, qualified, certified, & insured correctly,  we would like to hear from you! You may, fax, or email an information sheet to us.  Or if you are in need of our services, just give us a call 7a-7p anyday. We do vary much like to stay in touch with qualified pilot operators, as we do use sub-contractors.

 ATTN 2: Persons interested in getting into the pilot / escort business, please do not call us with questions, or ask for advice in how to start a pilot car business.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Special Notice: We do not accept teller-marketer calls at all !!!

This Page Updated: Jan 2020.

Copyright 2007-2020.  All content is property of DTS- Pilot Car Service, and shall not be copied, duplicated, or used without the permission of its owners.  Thank you !


California State Links:

Main Permit Page: 


Permit Attachments:


Pilot Car Color Maps: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/traffops/permits/pcmaps.htm


DTS over width & length color route guide:

Special Note: Color Routes In California Changed Oct 2018.  Please Update Your Maps !

Yellow Routes: 

Over 12' W = 1 Pilot

Over 15' W = 2 Pilots

Over 16'W = CHP + 2 PC

Over 120' Long = 1 Pilot

Travel = 24/7

Green Routes:

Over 12' W = 1 Pilot

Over 14' W = 2 Pilots

Over 15' W = CHP + 2 PC

Over 120' Long = 1 Pilot

Travel Under 14' W = 24/7

Blue Routes:

Over 11' W = 1 Pilot

Over 13' W = 2 Pilots

Over 15' W = CHP + 2 PC

Over 100' Long = 1 Pilot

Weekday = Day Only

Weekend = Sunrise to Noon

Brown Routes:

Over 10' W = 1 Pilot

Over 12' W  = 2 Pilots

Over 15' W = CHP + 2 PC

Over 85' Long = 1 Pilot

Weekday = Day Only

Weekend = Sunrise to Noon

* Call For Height & 

Other Restrictions *

Red Routes:

Operational Restrictions. Call !

(Please remember that California state permits are only good for state routes in California, not county, city or other jurisdictions call me for details)


Nevada State Links:


DTS Nevada Pilot Needed Guide:

* Width *

Over 14'W 4 Lane = 1

Over 16'W 4 Lane = 2

Over 12'W 2 Lane = 1

Over 14'W 2 Lane = 2 Over 17'W 2 Lane=NHP

Over 19'W 4 Lane=NHP

** Height **

Over 15'06'' High Requires Hi Pole At All Times !

*** Length ***

Over 120' Steerable

Over 110' Non-Steer



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