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DTS- Pilot Car Service

Walt Day - Owner Operator

Truckee, CA - Roadside Assistance & Traffic.

Reno, NV - Pilots & Light Transport.


Direct Phone (775) 842-2633 7a-7p Anyday

Office Related Calls Received 9-5 M-F. 


Main Business Email: [email protected] 


Our 24/7 Roadside Only & Emergency Email Here: [email protected] 


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* Due to all the junk mail we we get, please ask us for our mailing address if you need it. * 


Pilot Car Service Charges & Terms.

 All loads are quoted on a per load basis ! 

Lead & Chase Pilot Cars Is: Local is hourly, long distance is mileage!*

( Note: Hourly & Daily services are port to port )

Hi Pole Pilot Vehicle: Generally hourly or daily only!

(Some Hi Pole Jobs can be mileage, depending on height & location)

Stand By: 1/2 The Hourly Rate / Lay Over: 1/2 The Daily Rate!

Overnight Fee: Is now at motel rate with a minimum charge.

Comprehensive Route Surveys: Call For Pricing!

Super-load Traffic Or Support Vehicle: Call for pricing !!

 Tillerman / Steerman: We don't provide this service !

(However if you would like to send your steer-man with us that can work) 

Out of our area jobs : Call for quote, we still could be competitive !!!

Remember Discounts can be offered for multiple, or long distance loads. 

We get asked this question all the time, "do you have a mini charge".  Well the answer is yes we do, there is a 4 hour minimum charge for any pilot / escort service per unit.  

* In order for us to charge a customer mileage on a load, a minimum of 250 loaded miles with the load per day is needed.*

 * The mileage rate will depend on the size of load and locations  going to, and generally not to exceed the following sizes; 15' tall, 15' wide, 120' long .  This will also apply to loads that overly exceed legal weights, or where it becomes a slow moving traffic hazard issue. For these larger loads, they will be charged at a hourly, daily, or at a flat rate for our services only.*



Note: We do not operate steer-able trailers while operating our pilot vehicles.  We do however we can provide separate steerable operator if requested and / or needed, or you can provide your operator to go along with us.

Billing Notes:

A. We do bill actual miles, hours or days while on the load and away from our home area on your load.

B. Overnights are charged round trip from every night we are gone from our home area and on your job, not just with your load. We consider being on your load until we are back in our home area.

 We have all of our vehicles odometers calibrated correctly, we also use GPS's.  We also use Google mapping for quoting loads mileages when available on a specific permitted load route, when needed. 


Other Pilot Services That We Can Charge For When Needed:

Deadhead Mileage, Equipment Rentals, No Go's, Excessive Permit Printing, Permit Consultation, & California Routing Answers.

New for 2013: Round trip paid mileage, for out of our area jobs.

Starting June 1st 2013, any loads going over Donner Summit, to Sacramento, or to The Bay Area, will be charged at an hourly, daily or flat rate for our services, and we will not be charging by the mile.  This will also apply to loads exceeding legal height, extremely over length and all loads over legal weight going to or from California in some areas. Thank you !

Super-loads or Extra Caution Loads (Variance Loads In California) are loads that move vary slowly on the road or any load we escort over 15 feet wide, 15 feet tall, over 100,000 Lbs Gross, on some large 7 axle or more trailers or when Highway Patrol is required or needed. Also these jobs are charged @ a hourly or daily rate only.  This is based on moving loads in California, other states are different, call us for quote!

We try to keep our rates competitive and fair.  We may not be the cheapest, but we strive to be the best !


* Onsite Safety Vehicles & Personale * 

* Member of many pilot car, & other associations. *


Short Payment & Terms Information:

For new customers, non-account customers, our invoices are due & are to be paid at the time of service.  If you want us to bill you, that will need to authorized by us, before we accept the load.  This condition does not apply to our current accounts in good standing.  For more information on accounts, available terms, and / or payment options, please visit our Terms & Conditions Page to your right >>>.

We accept many types of payments including; Cash, Company Checks, Trucking Industry Checks.   

Trucking Industry Checks We Accept: Com, T, EFS, TCH, & Fleet 1 Checks. We also accept PayPal ! 

We are accepting credit cards with up to 5% additional convenience card fee. 



Pilot / Traffic: Payment & Terms Of Our Service

Generally our invoices, are due and payable at the time of service (COD). Unless authorized by us, before accepting the load.**  However, any new customer may request to make other arrangements, prior to us doing or accepting the load (see below).  To make it more convenient for our customers, there are many ways to pay our invoices. We accept cash, company checks, and trucking industry checks. We are not currently accepting credit card at all, as of March 2016. We also offer cash discounts, and discounts when the invoice is paid on the day of the service with a Com, TCH, EFS, cheks etc.

** This does not apply if you already have a current account, that is in good standing with us. Please remember to pay our invoices as agreed, on time, and within 30 days. As we do charge late fees, interest, collection fees if you are late.  Also please note, for out of the country companies (Example, Canada & Mexico), you will need to pre pay or have made prior arrangements with us for services with a trucking industry check, or cash, before services will be provided. These invoice amount will be pre-arranged, and will be charged at our market rate.  NO out of the country billing will take place with our company. (the only exception is having a office in the US, and will need to be approved by us, (DTS).

** However we do understand that a few customers do not have access to funds, to pay for services when they call us, i.e. dispatchers, etc. These customers generally would like to be billed instead. For these companies, you will need to setup up an account with us.  Accounts do need to be set up prior to us accepting the load. It is not vary difficult to setup an account with us, but there is a process that we do and needs to be followed. For help with setting up these accounts, please call us during office hours, @ (775) 842-2633, 7am-7pm PST Anyday.

Billing Note: We do bill actual miles / hours with the load. Overnights are charged round trip from every night we are gone from our home area. We have all of our vehicles odometers calibrated correctly, also using GPS's.  We also use turn by turn google mapping for actual route mileage, when needed.  We also use google mapping for quoting load mileage when available.  

**** Please remember net accounts are a privilege, not a right ! ****


Non- Accounts, Late Payment & Collection Policies 2016 & On.

- New Due on Receipt & Non- Account Customers -

COD Payment is expected at the completion of the job. (new / unknown)

10 Day DOR Invoices that are more than 10 calendar days old are considered late & can & will occur a 5% late fee and is subject to further fees.  

On Day 15 these DOR invoices could go directly to our attorneys for collections processing & do start occurring further late, collection, & interest fees as well.  This is not a good thing.

This payment structure is for new customers who don't have an account, & non-account customers only !

2018 Update: We do also offer discounts for paying your bill at the time of service, for most payment methods like cash! (Must ask for discount).

- Privileged 30 Day Net Accounts -

Feel free to pay your invoice sooner than 30 days, we won't mind if your paying your invoice early.  And there could be discounts for doing so. 

0-30 Days: Great job, you have paid your invoice on time!

31 to 35 Days: Check should be in the mail, this is your grace period.

36-45 Days Is Considered Past Due & Late: If your payment is not received by the 36th day, your account can and will occur a 5% late fee, and will occur interest of 5% per month until the invoice has been paid in full on day 45.  This also puts your company back to a "pay at the time of service status", and voids our account terms. (Red, Very Bad)

46-60 Days Is Considered Extremely Late:  If your payment is not received by the 60th day, the invoice goes directly to collections & charged $100 collection fee and the 5 % per month continues until the invoice has been paid in full. (Red / White, Too Late , & Really Really Bad) 

Please Remember 30 day accounts are a privilege, Not a Right ! 


Roadside & Transport Payment & Terms 2016

Roadside services are due at the time of service, no exceptions, unless you have an account with us.

Transport services are to be arranged and/or paid for prior to excepting the load.  Depends on transport locations, call for payment arrangement details.


If you have any  questions please call us 7am-7pm Everyday PST. @ (775) 842-2633


Other DTS Information & Our Company Practices.

Pilot / Escort vehicles are required by every state for good reasons.  In current times, it is especially important to do the job right!

Each state is vary different.  Some states like California have so many different rules, and regulations, it can be a bit confusing, but that's why we specialize in the rules and regulations.  If we don't have an answer, we will find out.  And other states like; Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon, for example don't require pilots until you exceed larger dimensions.  It just depends on which state your in, and what you are moving.

We here at DTS, are here to preform certain important tasks when escorting oversize loads. 

A. To warn the motoring public that there is an oversize load on the road, and to use extreme caution. 

B. To Assist the oversize load driver in making diffcult turns, & advising the driver when it is safe to change lanes.

C. To advise the operator when we hit an overhead obisticle with a high pole, and take apportate action.  Also if there is a problem with the load or route, etc.  We do try to stay on the assigned route, but problems to happen, have a good plan, and these problems are limited.  Rest assured we will do our vary best, for our customers.

D. On some two lane roads, we sometimes have to stop oncoming traffic when necessary, in order to protect the motoring public from having a head-on collision with the oversize load.  There are obisticles on the shoulders of the roadway such as; guard rails, trees, vehicles, pedesterans, bicylicles, narrow bridges, etc.  We do have to take the correct action not to hit these objects, or any others.  (We do not try to impede the flow of traffic, but when we're moving an oversize load, we are limited to certain aspects, of the road, conditions, obisticles & other factors.  So give us a break, and just relax.) 


-This New page created on January 1st 2013-

-This Page Updated: Wed, March 21st 2018-

OSL Notice Section- CA

Interstate 80 NV/CA Line To Sacramento Area:

W/B NV/CA Line to Sacramento: OPEN DayTime, Over pass height improvement project is done, however the STARS system has yet to be updated !!!  Keep an eye out for other permit load restrictions, and chain control restrictions during snow conditions.

E/B Sacramento to CA/NV Line: OPEN Daytime, Over pass height improvement project is done, however the STARS system has yet to be updated !!!  Keep an eye out for permit load restrictions, and chain control restrictions during snow conditions.

DTS- PCS STATEMENT: To all our followers, customers, fellow pilots & heavy haul professionals.


The overpass height improvement project In Gold Run to Rocklin area has competed and the STARS database has been updated with the new heights. We can now Start using the I-80 Over Donner Summit as a high route.


Stay tuned as I, and our fellow team members measure, confirm and prepare straight though routes, and through routes with ramping for allowable heights. I will be getting back to you all on advisable allowable heights after confirming recommenced load heights.


DTS- Pilot Car Service C/O Walt Day.

(775) 842-2633 Direct Phone

Serving the west coast since 2007.

Reno / Tahoe Based Professional Pilots

This area is subject to snow & chain control conditions when snowing during winter months.

Updated: September 2nd 2016.

OSL Notice Section- NV

I-80 All Of NV: Open to OSL, with 14' + 16' Wide restrictions in different places across Nevada.

I- 580: Open to OSL.

Hwy 395: Open to OSL.

Hwy 50: Open to OSL, Width & Height Restricted In South Lake Tahoe City Area, Due To Tunnel Work.

Hwy's 95 & 93: Open to OSL.

This area is subject to snow & chain control conditions when snowing during winter months.

Updated: August 2nd 2016.

Important Links Here:

CALIFORNIA CURRENT CHAIN CONTROLS OVER I80 ON DONNER SUMMIT: > http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/display.php?page=i80

CALIFORNIA PILOT CAR MAPS: aka Pilot Car *Color* Maps: > http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/traffops/permits/pcmaps.htm

California overwidth guide:

Yellow Routes: 

Over 12' W 1 Pilot Car

Over 15' W 2 Pilot Cars

Calif Green Routes:

Over 12' W 1 Pilot Car

Over 14' W 2 Pilot Cars

Calif Blue Routes:

Over 11' W 1 Pilot Car

Over 13' W 2 Pilot Cars

Calif Brown Routes:

Over 10' W 1 Pilot Car

Over 12' W  2 Pilot Cars

Red Routes:

Operational Restrictions. Call !

CALIFORNIA GENERAL PERMIT PAGE: > http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/traffops/permits.htm

NEVADA OVERSIZE MAIN PERMITS PAGE: > http://www.nevadadot.com/business/trucker/overdimensional/