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Pilot / Traffic Reno Dispatch 

(775) 842-2633

Pilot Car / Traffic Dispatch: 7 am to 7 pm Pacific Time, Everyday, Including Weekends.

Pilot / Traffic Office Related Business: 9 am - 5 pm M-F, Pacific Time.

Roadside Truckee Dispatch:
(530) 414-9484
Availablity Note: Roadside Services are not currenty available until Nov 1st 2019, due to lack of staffing and/or dispatches !
We here at DTS, do specialize in moving oversize loads the correct way and with everyone's safety as our number one priority.  We also do this with the experience and the most knowledgeable way possible.  
We also offer other services as well from emergency traffic control services, roadside assistance services, to some transport services. 

Serving The West Coast


 The Greater Lake Tahoe Area Since 2007! 

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Main 24/7 Email: [email protected] 
Call Us @ (775) 842-2633 7a-7p Everyday.

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Serving The 11 Western States.

California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming & Washington State.

But not limited to !!!


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We accept Cash, Trucking Industry Checks, Company Checks, Pay Pal, And Credit Cards.

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